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Rizhao Joylegeend Petrochemical Co .,ltd. is located in Lanshan, Rizhao, Shandong, with a unique geographical location, logistics conditions and port advantages. The company will give full play to its advantages and build a large and diversified polystyrene resin industrial park. Focus on the research, production, sales and service of polystyrene resin series products and related high-performance new materials.
The development plan is divided into three phases. The first phase of 120,000 tons of expandable polystyrene project has been put into operation for many years; the second phase of 240,000 tons of expandable polystyrene project is also under planning, and it is expected to be put into operation in 2022; third 200,000 tons of modified polystyrene is also under planning, and it is expected to be put into production in 2022. After completion, it will become the largest polystyrene resin production park in the region and even in Shandong Province.
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The project covers an area of 154248m², and the main construction content includes the main project, environmental protection project, public project and auxiliary project. The main project includes the main plant (finished product warehouse, polymerization workshop, screening workshop and packaging workshop) and tank farm (styrene tank, pentane tank and xylene tank); environmental protection projects mainly include waste gas treatment facilities, in-plant sewage treatment stations and Incident pools, etc.; public works include public works workshops, substations, power distribution rooms and gas boiler rooms, etc...
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Joylegeend Petrochemical produces Yaolan EPS. The business types mainly involve customized products such as flame-retardant, light-weight material, and environmentally friendly. The products cover a wide range, enough to meet the needs of most customers. At the same time, another branch agency imported foreign brands to make up for market share in order to meet the needs of more customers. In the case that the product types fully cover the market demand, another technology company is set up to conduct continuous research and development and continuous improvement of products to meet the needs of continuous progress and development of the society.
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Company Name: Rizhao Yuexing Chemical Co., Ltd.
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